Delivering Up-to-date Technical Product Data for Offline Use

Drupal CMS

The Drupal CMS manages a wealth of technical information, with heavily interconnected relationships among products, attributes, and troubleshooting information.

Front End Development

A custom jQuery solution drives the front end interface of the application, allowing users to navigate, search, and filter without leaving the page.

Content Migration

We transferred a large amount of technical data with complex interrelationships from a custom MySQL database into a standard Drupal data model.

The Dow Corning Corporation required its sales personnel and partners to have access to accurate and timely technical information while in the field.

Because network connections can be difficult to come by in some client environments, their large repository of product documents needed to be stored locally on users' machines, but updated with new data whenever a connection is available.

Dow Corning users needed to be able to quickly provide comparisons between the technical specifications of its products and its competitors', and to determine which products were most appropriate for a given application. In addition, they needed to assist their customers with troubleshooting steps when problems were encountered with existing applications.


Our Solution

Rapid Development Group created a Drupal-driven repository of technical data relating to the product catalog, and a responsive front-end interface built in HTML and JavaScript to consume and present the information. This front end works as either a web app or a Windows desktop application, depending on the needs of the user. A variety of advanced searching and filtering capabilities allow users to quickly find exactly the technical information they need.

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