Developing an Industry-leading Fabric Finder for a Catalog of 11,000 SKUs

Drupal CMS

The Drupal CMS allows interior design experts to present appealing collections of fabrics to customers, while marketing specialists have the flexibility to craft eye-catching descriptions for each new product.

Service Integration

Custom interconnections with the proprietary FACTS ERP system keep product information and custom orders in sync. The systems are loosely coupled to reduce potential points of failure.


The site’s e-commerce capabilities are powered by Ubercart with customizations by RDG to provide the ideal b2b commerce experience for wholesale customers.

As the digital capabilities of their customers grew, Greenhouse knew that their online presence needed to evolve to match.

As a leading wholesaler in their industry, Greenhouse Fabrics was accustomed to guiding their customers to the right fabrics for their needs through excellent personal service. However, as the digital capabilities of their customers grew, Greenhouse knew that their online presence needed to evolve to match their existing capabilities in print and in person.

Organizing thousands of products is never an easy prospect, but this is especially the case in an industry where many choices are primarily visual. Greenhouse needed to present their offerings in an attractive, fast interface that put their beautiful fabric imagery front-and-center.

Fabric Finder

Our Solution

Rapid Development Group created a customized eCommerce solution tailored to Greenhouse's needs, built upon Drupal and the Ubercart framework. To allow customers to effectively search and sort through the huge product catalog, we built a faceted search interface built on Apache SOLR with a custom jQuery-based AJAX front end. We met the challenge of displaying a huge number of fabric images at once by using a combination of the Cloudinary image transformation service and Google PageSpeed. The result is a clean, responsive presentation of the entire product catalog.

Behind the scenes, a large number of enhancements to Ubercart allow it to interact with the FACTS ERP system, which populates the site with inventory and customer records. Further customizations allow Ubercart to handle the special requirements of the fabric industry, such as the ability for customers to order product samples and fractional quantities of products.

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