Enabling Process Optimization on the Manufacturing Floor with a Custom iPad App

Web Applications

A small, responsive web application provides a simple interface for administrators to edit and manage a large amount of technical data.


Development in Swift keeps code light and maintainable, while allowing the bulk of the domain-specific logic to remain driven by the web application.


Maximized brand recognition by utilizing the client's established brand identity to design a matching user interface.

Alpha Assembly Solutions assists its customers by observing their manufacturing process and compiling a report of machine settings that can be adjusted to improve yield based on historical data. These reports were compiled manually, which required tedious data lookup and resulted in inconsistent report quality.

Our Solution

Rapid Development Group created a web application to help Alpha easily manage their many combinations of product guidelines, machine settings and recommendations.

Alpha Assembly Solutions

This web application was paired with an iOS app to help Alpha quickly record their customer’s manufacturing process settings to a central database. Once customer data is recorded, the web application generates a standardized PDF report for the customer that shows which settings are out of spec and recommends the optimal settings based on the products and machines being used. The collected settings data can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, allowing Alpha to prepare internal reports and combine it with their historical data.

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