We're skilled in a wide range of web and mobile development frameworks.

Rapid Development Group has built a reputation as one of the leading Drupal development shops in the Midwest, and is skilled in a wide range of web and mobile development frameworks. Our developers have many years experience listening to clients and solving complex business challenges with the latest tech. Chances are good that if you can dream it, we can build it.

Web Development

Every web development project is different, so you need a partner who can adapt to your requirements. Whether you need an informational site you can update easily, a modern web application with many interactive features, or a storefront that beautifully presents your products while generating revenue, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Many of our web development projects are built on the Drupal content management system. This gives our team of experts the flexibility and power to deliver just the right features for you, while leveraging tested open-source solutions to keep budgets in check. Complex websites, such as those with content in multiple languages, commerce features, or integrations with web services and business systems, are well within our reach.

When projects call for more interactive user experiences, we use technologies such as React and jQuery to build custom web applications for you. Often these projects also require an efficient way to manage your application's data, so our Drupal experience comes into play once again as we build a highly functional administrative interface for you.

Our team also includes infrastructure experts to guide you though the process of finding a home for your product on the Internet. Whether you just need some consultation or you need someone to manage every aspect of site hosting and maintenance for you, Rapid Development Group has the experience you need.

Mobile Development

Your vision needs to reach people in the place where they will see it: the screen they carry around with them. We will bring your vision to life on the devices most important to you, either through a web experience tailored for mobile devices, or with native apps written from the ground up.

In many cases, the best way to serve your mobile users is to deliver content to a mobile-optimized website. We know that phones and tablets are the primary ways that many users interact with the web, so every site we design is built with a "mobile first" approach. Your site will be beautiful and functional on small screens, without sacrificing functionality on larger ones. This approach allows you to keep your content in one place while serving multiple audiences.

Sometimes the best way to achieve your goals, though, is a purpose-built app for mobile devices. We can help with this, too, by building native apps for iOS and Android. We employ the latest technologies available to ensure a best-in-class result for you.

Front-End Development

While RDG specializes in writing beautiful code to bring your best ideas to life, we also know that beautiful code is best delivered within a well-crafted user experience. Our designers and front-end developers are skilled in interpreting your brand and expressing it in the form of a responsive web design or mobile app interface.

Some of our clients bring their own design for us to implement. Our front-end developers are skilled in the latest CSS frameworks and web browser capabilities, and can turn your preliminary designs into fully-realized web experiences. Often, a supplied design will define the desired presentation for a small subset of a site’s pages (or for only one screen size). In these instances, our front-end design specialists can expand on your design to meet the full needs of your project

We'd love to chat about your next web or application project!