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Privacy Policy

Rapid Development Group Privacy Policy

We value your privacy, but more to the point, we are pretty busy building software. We know that people use websites to track visitors and to try to chase them down to buy stuff. That's not us.

If you are here and reading the content on our site, that is your business and not ours. We hope you find something useful. If you'd like to join our team or talk about a project, we'd love to meet you when you are ready for that. That's your call too. We've got forms you can fill out to get the ball rolling, or just write to us at .

Just know that we do use Google Analytics to help us determine if the stuff we write is being read so that we can focus on the stuff that people find useful. This does not tell us who you are, and we don't target site visitors with ads. If you need our development services, that is probably why you are here in the first place. Feel free to introduce yourself.

Otherwise, we're glad you're here, internet stranger!