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Quick Quote Tool

Dematic is a leading supplier of supply chain technology. Each of their many customers has a customized solution with an assortment of components, which in turn require individual maintenance schedules. The Quick Quote Tool is designed to minimize the time required to produce project estimates and documents for each customer, so that Dematic can focus on implementation.


Back-end Development

Drupal 7


Project Brief

Dematic's logistics solutions involve a wide array of sortation systems, conveyors, and software working in harmony. Because each of their customers presents a unique problem to solve, a cookie-cutter approach to project estimation is not appropriate. Dematic required sales and project management staff to individually analyze these projects, schedule technicians, and calculate estimates for completion times and costs.

While each project has unique aspects, the components and services used are often the same. Rapid Development Group created a system to accept information about the solution to be implemented, and apply a series of business rules taking into account timing and service personnel locations to produce formal documentation of the project proposal and planned costs.

This internal tool is used by sales staff for all but the most unusual installations, and provides a new level of consistency and accuracy across all project quotes.