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Don't turn away customers.

Accessibility is about more than complying with regulations. Providing alternative text with an image helps people using screen readers, but also improves search engine visibility. Likewise, designing mouse-free navigation that works smoothly for users with physical limitations also enhances the mobile experience. When you improve the usability and accessibility of a site, you also increase your odds of attracting, retaining, and growing an audience.

Most importantly, it's the right thing to do.

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RDG UX team discusses ways to optimize workflows and create intuitive functionality

Certified Accessibility Expertise

Our accessibility experts, Ashley Helminiak and Haley Troyer, have earned certifications from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.  Ashley has her CPWA (which is both the CPACC certification and WAS certification). Haley has garnered her CPACC certification. It is our goal at RDG  to continuously reinforce accessibility skills within our organization so as soon as new techniques are standardized, we are ready to implement them on client's sites. 

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Event Recap

axe-con 2024: Day Three (Ashley)

Team Insights
Ashley shares her thoughts on talks attended on Day Three of axe-con 2024.

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